In this post, I’ll share how I streamlined my blog post creation process for my Hugo-based site using Obsidian and GitHub Actions.

I made this blog using Hugo a CMS, which is hosted serverless on an S3 bucket with CloudFront as a CDN. The blog is automatically updated using GitHub Actions whenever I push new content to a GitHub repo. That’s all well and good, but the workflow of writing a blog post in VSCode is not really a pleasant one. luckily I can use my favorite note taking tool Obsidian fort do this really easily, as it uses markdown, just like Hugo.


I created a dedicated vault for my blog, ensuring a clean and organized space for all my content.

To enhance the writing experience, I integrated the Templater plugin. This will prefill the front matter of new posts, aligning perfectly with Obsidian’s Markdown compatibility.

title: <% tp.file.title %>
date: <% tp.file.creation_date("YYYY-MM-DD") %>
draft: true

Obsidian’s Git plugin simplifies version control and syncs effortlessly with GitHub. When I’m ready to publish, I can change the draft: value in the frontmatter to false and commit. A minute later, it is published to my blog.